Knarley Movement - "Freddy Krueger" + "Weather Man" (Single)

In 2017 Knarley Enterprises, LLC has relaunched its live stage act known as the Knarley Movement. After a 4 year hiatus from recording & performing the Knarley Movement has aligned themselves to have a very productive 2018. In the past 12 months Knarley has been recording new music, rehearsing stage performances, filming video visuals, securing a sponsorship with Monster Energy Drink, building revenue with weekly party hostings & events, an exclusive Halloween music release, booking a headliner promo tour, adding an official team mascot, hiring of new staff members, and receiving opener slots for 2 different touring acts.

All of this behind the scenes work comes in the name of, what Knarley Enterprises founder Marcus 'BaKe' Baker calls, #KnarleyReturns. The campaign that is geared to have the Knarley Movement step back into the leading role of producing a high quality of musical experiences for the young adults & millennials, to so dearly enjoy. Follow the journey of @KnarleyMovement online featuring new music by TY, MellowD, and Dizzy Dom. Do not miss out on the other Knarley stage talents as well; Neesh (drums), Gia (DJ), MicKnarley (mascot), and more to be announced.
Knarley Movement - "Freddy Krueger" + "Weather Man" (Single) Knarley Movement - "Freddy Krueger" + "Weather Man" (Single) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 22.12.17 Rating: 5

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