Fr33 Tha Sinner - "The Fr33 World" (Album)

Bronx, NY artist "Fr33 Tha Sinner" releases his highly anticipated album "The Fr33World" on digital stores everywhere. Fr33 who is a former gang leader & hustler turnt Christian, leads his listeners down a narrow path we don't usually hear most Christians take. From police brutality to shoots outs, hustling to heartbreaks, Fr33 covers it all. The Fr33World definitely is an album you want to add to your playlist. If your a fan of Kendricks's "Damn" or JAYZ's "4:44" album you will love  Fr33 Tha Sinners "The Fr33World". 

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Fr33 Tha Sinner - "The Fr33 World" (Album) Fr33 Tha Sinner - "The Fr33 World" (Album) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 6.7.17 Rating: 5

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