Feli Fame - "The New Elvis" (Mixtape)

Feli Fame taps into his roots as well as his up bringing for "The New Elvis" Project in which he features a handful of new artist such as R&B singer B.HillG. PerezCas & Colby, Uneek, Veli, J Boogz, Whiteboi, Glock, Dibiasi and The son of the Late Great Big Pun Chris Rivers. The Mixtape also has guess appearances from Some of New York Cities Biggest DJ's such as DJ Envy and DJ Suss One other DJ's from around the world also compliment the project such as DJ, Redde, DJ Trap, DJ Prime Time,DJ Killin'em, DJ Dirty Di, DJ P Dub, K Star, Radio Personality G Moniy And KDS of BallersEve. All of which have co - signed the mixtape in a major supportive way. This Mixtape has a cluster of possible hits with super melodic and undeniably catchy hooks like "Hiccups" Which then switches to hard hitting lyrics such as the verse in "Brain Freeze" all the way down to a meaningful sound that comes from the song "Love You When You Down" this Mixtape is a roller coaster ride with its twist and turns of great energy and smooth lyrics. This is by far one of the best Mixtapes to release this summer, and it definitely deserves a listen and a possible purchase. #TheNewElvis 
Feli Fame - "The New Elvis" (Mixtape) Feli Fame - "The New Elvis" (Mixtape) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 15.7.17 Rating: 5

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